Tyson Hugh Hooper

Tyson Hugh Hooper
Our son, Tyson Hugh Hooper, was born with coarctation of the aorta, hypoplastic arch, and a transitional avsd. His first open heart surgery reconstructed his aorta and was on day 9 of life. His second open heart repair was not anticipated to be needed until two or three years of age. Ty had other plans. We spent the vast majority of his first 3 months of life at Vanderbilt as he went into heart failure and was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. As a result, the medical team concluded that he needed the repair much sooner than usually recommended, and at just shy of 3 months old Ty underwent his second life saving open heart surgery. God has already worked so many miracles in Ty's life and the life of our family and we know he is using our story. Because of this, we are grateful for Ty's special heart and feel beyond blessed that God chose us to travel this road. We ask for prayers as Ty continues to heal. We are praying for a full recovery and life without restrictions for Ty. We are praying for God to use our family and Ty for His glory.

Thank you to each and every person who supports us through prayer, giving, or just by loving on our family! We are humbled and blessed by all of the ways the Lord is providing for us and know that he is using Ty and his story to do great things!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow Day...

... a great way to start a weekend!

So Thursday night as I made my way through snow and ice to meet my cheerleaders at the basketball games that would be cancelled later that evening, the hope began to bloom! By 7:45 Thursday night, the word was out... our first official snow day would be Friday, December 12.

I got home from the games and settled in for a late night of tv and a morning sleeping in! The snow was SO beautiful... big, wet flakes perfect for snowballs! After watching the snow fall and the yard become white I had to go outside and make a snowman... who could resist! Don't be fooled... this is a little snow man on top of my car with chocolate chip eyes and nose and a scarf made for a wine bottle! lol!

Friday proved to be everything that a snow day is cracked up to be! I slept really late - which is just as well, because the roads were a mess! I met some fellow teachers and Moo at Toot's for lunch and then did a little shopping! My reward... I went to a new place in town and go Photo Shop Elements for $10. It was one of those "junk" stores that has everything from industrial fans to screwdrivers to shampoo and toys... items that have been returned, removed from the package, etc. My item had a ripped box! ha! I loaded it on the computer and although I haven't played with it too much, it seems to work great!

Friday night I was off to La's for our annual galz Christmas gathering! This year was a pajama party with breakfast food! We had yummy fruit salad, breakfast casserole, sausage balls, and my caramel pecan Cinnamon rolls - YUMMY!!!

Here are Moo and D-word... it's kind of an action shot! I think that's all you can get of Dawson these days, because he is on the go-go-go!

And here the three of us are sporting our Christmas colors! :-) I got THE COOLEST gifts... but I didn't take pictures yet, so I am going to hold off on posting about those just yet! :-)
I got a few other things this weekend too that I wanted to share, though, so that I could say a BIG thanks!!!

I got this really awesome pictures frame from my Aunt Jenni - she always gives the neatest gifts! I LOVE this frame! Thanks Jenni!

I got this ADORABLE Christmas card from Leigh Ann! LAH, this just makes me want to jump under the covers right between them and watch a Christmas movie... they could not BE more adorable!!!!

And I also go this too=too=cute card from Betsy! Does she not have a most gorgeous kids EVER! Thanks, Betsy, for including me!
I just was so excited to get these things in the mail... too fun!
Now, I'm off to finish my weekend! I hope yours is great!!!!


Meagan said...

I absolutely love your snowman ;)! The chocolate chip eyes are my favorite!!!

Friday night was just perfect...loads of yummy food, great gifts, and the BESt movie!

ariel said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm still jealous of your snow day! Love the snowman! Too freakin cute!!!

Betsy said...

No fair!! I'm so jealous of the snow!! I have been sooo behind on commenting on my blogs, so I was so surprised to see my Christmas card! haha I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season!!

Meagan said...

FYI... I didn't comment on my own blog, that was Megan H under my login! lol

Leigh Ann said...

Love your snowman! I wish we had gotten snow. We just have ice! Whaa! Regardless, I am loving being snuggled in with the fam and no school days! :)

You galz are too cute, and I know you had THE best time together.

I'm also loving that picture frame!

I'm so glad you liked your picture of my monkeys. They are definitely ready for Santa. :)

Merry Christmas, Meag!

Lauren said...

I'm still dreaming about those sticky buns.

I love that frame from Jenni!