Tyson Hugh Hooper

Tyson Hugh Hooper
Our son, Tyson Hugh Hooper, was born with coarctation of the aorta, hypoplastic arch, and a transitional avsd. His first open heart surgery reconstructed his aorta and was on day 9 of life. His second open heart repair was not anticipated to be needed until two or three years of age. Ty had other plans. We spent the vast majority of his first 3 months of life at Vanderbilt as he went into heart failure and was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. As a result, the medical team concluded that he needed the repair much sooner than usually recommended, and at just shy of 3 months old Ty underwent his second life saving open heart surgery. God has already worked so many miracles in Ty's life and the life of our family and we know he is using our story. Because of this, we are grateful for Ty's special heart and feel beyond blessed that God chose us to travel this road. We ask for prayers as Ty continues to heal. We are praying for a full recovery and life without restrictions for Ty. We are praying for God to use our family and Ty for His glory.

Thank you to each and every person who supports us through prayer, giving, or just by loving on our family! We are humbled and blessed by all of the ways the Lord is providing for us and know that he is using Ty and his story to do great things!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 might just be the best Christmas yet for me! I have so much to update you on that I thought I would do it using pictures (shocker, I know) so you have a lot to look at, but hopefully not a ton to read! :-)

Christmas Eve:

Every year we have brunch on Christmas Eve with my Dad's side of the family! It's a large group of people with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins... the whole bit! We always have a WONDERFUL spread at brunch and then do Dirty Santa! It's so much fun. Here are (from left to right) my brother Ken, his wife Sarah (expecting), Dad, Bentlee, Mom, my sister Sarah, her husband Malcolm, me, and Chris.

Bentlee stole the show as always! She was ADORABLE in her Christmas dress!!

More family photos and (below) a shot of just the girls!

After brunch, gifts, and visiting, we always head back to mom and dad's to RELAX, nap, play, and hang out. We open gifts and mom cooks Christmas dinner...

Christmas Day:

Chris and I headed back from Chattanooga Christmas Eve night and went to his parents for a while to visit and help put some things together. Christmas morning we had a quiet relaxing time and opened gifts from each other and had breakfast together. Then around noon we headed out to pick up Lily and go to his parents house for Christmas there!

LOVE this picture! These two are SO MUCH ALIKE! And they couldn't love each other more if they wanted to!

Family fun opening gifts and playing with them and visiting!

Me and my prince charming!

Lily anxiously awaiting her turn to open!

Chris' dad gave his mom and lovely necklace!

Lily got a kitchen! I LOVE the kitchen, we saw it at Sam's and told his parents about it and they decided to get it for her for Christmas! It looks ADORABLE in her room!

Do you see Santa?

Day after Christmas:

Lily fell asleep Christmas night, so waking up at her Daddy's the day after Christmas she had a whole other visit from Santa to deal with! I got the call EARLY to come over cause she couldn't wait to get to all those gifts...

Overall it was a magical Christmas and I enjoyed every moment!

I am still enjoying playing with all the new stuff and spending time in doing

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the season...

...for parties and socials and games and fun! :-) And that is JUST what I have been up to!

My little digital camera (the one I carry in my purse with me everywhere) has had dead batteries for a while, so my first photo is a couple weeks late! Remember book group night? We took wine, appetizers, and cookbooks to the potter place to eat, drink, PAINT, and be merry! Here are Me, Moo, and La! We had so much fun that night! I'll post a pictures of my final product eventually! It is the most happy I have been with something I painted myself... I was really proud!

This weekend was also full of fun and holiday cheer! Saturday we had games against one of our biggest rivals... and WON! :-) Then we headed to a Tacky Christmas Party at our friend Beth's! It was so much fun! Here is a photo of all of us in our tacky Christmas garb...
...please note that Chris WAS NOT the only guy there! lol. This is just the picture of all of us at the party that work together at the same school! :-) It was so much fun! We stayed at Beth's until after midnight just relaxing in the living room, talking, and laughing!

And SUNDAY was a BLAST!!!!! Chris' friends (that are practically family) gave us Titan's tickets for Christmas so we spent the day tailgating (okay, so we were just at a restaurant in downtown Nashville 'cause it was SO cold) and at the game! :-) The Titans played the Rams and kicked their booty!!

Here we are the game! It was REALLY fun! Thankfully it wasn't AS cold as it had been, but by the time the game was over it was pretty chilly.
Overall it was a WONDERFUL weekend and I am COUNTING DOWN until this week is over and I am OFFICIALLY on CHRISTMAS BREAK! (think I am excited???) ;-)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A cold weekend...

Enjoying a cold weekend with my favorite person! :-) We have ballgames to coach, Christmas baking to do, a Christmas party tonight, and a Titan's game tomorrow we are going too! I feel so blessed!!! :-) I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gatlinburg 2009

Chris' family takes a trip to Gatlinburg every December! I have been hearing about it for years now, but this year I actually got to be a part of it!!! We left an icy snowy Murfreesboro to head to the mountains of East Tennessee!

I was so excited, I had to take pictures of the first snow of the season! It seems really early for snow, but it sure did put me in the Christmas spirit!

Our feet in the very first snow! :-) We were on Chris' parents deck enjoying the beautiful view before we left! We made really good time on the way up with very little traffic! Once there is was on to a whole lot of this....

Resting and relaxing! I don't think Chris' family gets in a hurry for anything... and you know what? That is exactly what I needed! A low key weekend of resting and relaxing! We watched football, shopped, walked, and lounged around the hotel (a lot) and it was so much fun!!!

Jessica and Lily

All bundled up!
It was C-O-L-D this past weekend!!!!!

There are SO many sweets there! We went to a candy store in the village right away to get the queen of all sweet-tooth girls some goodies! I was a good girl and refrained, but I wanted to buy some candy SO bad! :-)

Chris and I documenting our first Gatlinburg trip together!
Is it just me, or is he SUPER hot! ;-) lol

Me, Lily, and Crystal in a sleigh!

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Lily and I
Overall the trip was so much fun! We laughed, we napped, we played games, we ate... it was just the restful little break I needed. I can't thank Chris' family enough for being so generous, for including me as one of their own, and for being exactly themselves - I had a wonderful time and was honored to be in on a family tradition!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick update, just because...

In reverse...

Today (Thurs): Hello Basketball season! We got to work at 7:00 this morning and home at about 10:00 tonight! :-) We won (because the coach is freakin' awesome!), but unfortunately the night brought some cheerleader drama *sigh*.... happens at least once every year. You can't have that many girls together that often and not have drama! lol.

Yesterday (Wed): Worked a L-O-N-G day at school, then headed home to make a yummy, from-scratch dinner! Chris and I enjoyed a quiet dinner at the table together and then he took me out to see Blind Side. OMG!!!! Best movie I have seen in a LONG LONG time!!!! You have to go see it... NOW!

Tuesday: Book Group! We met at the pottery place with appetizers, desserts, and wine! We painted, ate, laughed, talked..... it was so fun! I have pictures, but I am just too tired to load them - how sad is that! lol.

Monday: Basketball games (of course), and another win (of course)! lol. And then? Monday Night Football at a new chicken joint... food was just okay, but football with Chris, Gary, and Jules... wonderful!

I have so many fun things coming up! Christmas shopping with mom tomorrow (we both took personal days at work to spend some QT together)! Gatlinburg with Chris's family. More ballgames - I'll admit.... I don't like the long hours, but I love the games! And THEN... next weekend Christmas Baking with Chris' mom, a Tacky Christmas party with colleagues, and a Titan's game with my handsome man! I can't wait to post all about it!!! Stay tuned...