Tyson Hugh Hooper

Tyson Hugh Hooper
Our son, Tyson Hugh Hooper, was born with coarctation of the aorta, hypoplastic arch, and a transitional avsd. His first open heart surgery reconstructed his aorta and was on day 9 of life. His second open heart repair was not anticipated to be needed until two or three years of age. Ty had other plans. We spent the vast majority of his first 3 months of life at Vanderbilt as he went into heart failure and was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. As a result, the medical team concluded that he needed the repair much sooner than usually recommended, and at just shy of 3 months old Ty underwent his second life saving open heart surgery. God has already worked so many miracles in Ty's life and the life of our family and we know he is using our story. Because of this, we are grateful for Ty's special heart and feel beyond blessed that God chose us to travel this road. We ask for prayers as Ty continues to heal. We are praying for a full recovery and life without restrictions for Ty. We are praying for God to use our family and Ty for His glory.

Thank you to each and every person who supports us through prayer, giving, or just by loving on our family! We are humbled and blessed by all of the ways the Lord is providing for us and know that he is using Ty and his story to do great things!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Heart Warrior - the battle continues

This heart warrior is at it again.  As I type he is in the operating room and should be getting the first incision of his surgery at any moment.  He will be in the OR for most of the day and it will be likely be this evening before we get to see him again.  We have been here before, but for some reason this time carries more weight.  We know him better... we know the joy of his smiles and the sound of his sweet voice "talking."  We also know that by the books it is too early to be having this surgery.  By the book he should be able to go a few years with his anatomy without any trouble at all.  We also know that Ty doesn't play by the rules - he has never fit the mold.  So at just shy of 3 months we find him in severe heart failure and in need of help.  His slightly leaky mitral valve has become moderately to severely leaky.  The right side of his heart is enlarged and the left side on the smaller side.  His ASD in need of a patch and his VSD patched by whispy tissue that did so on its own needing to hold sutures, but dangerously thin and fragile.  This surgery has more risks - there is danger of the valve leaflets not holding up to repair and requiring replacement, risk of messing with the electrical system of the heart and requiring a pace maker, risks of the patch not holding and tearing loose.  This surgery also, however, has the potential to be beautifully perfect and the possibility to not only relieve all of his heart failure symptoms, but to free him from limitations and future surgeries.  Ty is a fighter.  Even in his degree of heart failure, sweating and breathing 100 times a minute, he smiles and coos and looks so wise.  He's my hero.

Please join our family in praying.  Pray for Dr. Mettler and that God will work through him to heal our sweet boy's heart.  Pray for the surgical team.  Pray for the holy spirit to be present, filling the OR.  Pray for Ty's heart to be strong enough to hold the patch and the sutures.  Pray that the left side of Ty's heart will be adequate and adjust to the increase in pressure and volume.  Pray that this surgery leaves Ty healthy, free of symptoms, and repaired for life.  Pray for God's will, His peace, and His presence with us as we travel this road.  To Him be the glory.

My dear friend Kristin came Tuesday to visit and brought her camera (of course).  I am beyond grateful for her generosity and for capturing precious moments of our little guy!  Thank you for loving us - we love you!  If you need pictures, Kristin is wonderful - look her up on facebook under Kristin Leisman Photography.


Leigh Anne said...

Praying for you all! For healing, and peace that passes understanding!