Tyson Hugh Hooper

Tyson Hugh Hooper
Our son, Tyson Hugh Hooper, was born with coarctation of the aorta, hypoplastic arch, and a transitional avsd. His first open heart surgery reconstructed his aorta and was on day 9 of life. His second open heart repair was not anticipated to be needed until two or three years of age. Ty had other plans. We spent the vast majority of his first 3 months of life at Vanderbilt as he went into heart failure and was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. As a result, the medical team concluded that he needed the repair much sooner than usually recommended, and at just shy of 3 months old Ty underwent his second life saving open heart surgery. God has already worked so many miracles in Ty's life and the life of our family and we know he is using our story. Because of this, we are grateful for Ty's special heart and feel beyond blessed that God chose us to travel this road. We ask for prayers as Ty continues to heal. We are praying for a full recovery and life without restrictions for Ty. We are praying for God to use our family and Ty for His glory.

Thank you to each and every person who supports us through prayer, giving, or just by loving on our family! We are humbled and blessed by all of the ways the Lord is providing for us and know that he is using Ty and his story to do great things!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Photos

Our wedding proofs have arrived and I am so excited!
There are too many to share and I don't want to bore you to death.  I know I prefer blog posts that are short, sweet, to the point, and include lots of pictures, lol.  So I will post my wedding photos in groups!  Today, I will share with you the procession....

 I think my parents are such a great couple!
They are just such a good match in every way - looks, personality, heart!  I can't express the gratitude and love I have for my parents.  They were, in my mind, the most perfect parents in the world... and continue to be.  Generous, supportive, parent, and as we have gotten older, friend.  I love you mom and dad!

Our good friend Patrick and Moo (Megan).
I love the colors!
These two (and their spouses) are so special to us.  Patrick makes us laugh on a daily basis and has truly become a best friend to Chris.  We have come to know and love him, his wife Amanda, and their baby (soon to be -ies).  Moo - well, you know.  It is Megan's spirit that is a blessing not just to me or our Friends or Habitat, but to the world.  She is an inspiration.  And her family, is our family. 

 Scott and Lauren.  You know Lauren.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.  Hilarious.  She is the sister of my heart and I will forever cherish our life-long friendship.  Her husband was amazing at the wedding too.  He filmed and served and was a great blessing.  Dawson wasn't there, but he got in on the prep.  Scott Kinney has also blessed our lives.  He is such an example.  I don't know a more kind-hearted individual, he is deep, and loving, and the funniest person I know.

Our Lily.
She is the sweetest little girl in the world.  Her heart is pure.  She is the most thoughtful and kind soul at such a young age.  "Our wedding" she calls it.  She makes our hearts sing.

This is the part of our wedding that I thought was most likely to make me cry.  I just knew when I looked at Dad, I would lose it.  But everything happened so quickly, and I didn't cry.  My Daddy is good.  Everything about him to the very core is good.  He is genius, can do anything, can fix everything, and loves with all his heart.

As this point, I just wanted to lay eyes on my husband.  I tried and tried to get a clear view... and finally...

...there he was.  When our eyes finally met, he simply smiled a huge smile and breathed, "WOW."  It was priceless.  At that moment, my heart was at total and complete peace.  There were no tears, just pure joy.

And beside Chris, Web.  Chris' brother of the heart.  Life takes us on wild and crazy roads and busy times and slow, but their friendship will always be constant.  Chris loves him like a true brother.  What a great man to be in our lives.

I feel so blessed to have so many truly wonderful people in our lives.  We can learn from each one of them.  We joyfully share laughs and memories and love with all of them.  The word that continues to come to mind, is... blessed.


Valerie said...

I am awed. I had already seen the pictures, but your comments were . . . words fail me. Your comments brought tears to my eyes and warm fuzzies to my heart. I love you, too.

Sarah said...

ditto's on what Mom said, except I havn't seen the pictures yet...and it's probably going to be MONTHS before I do! But we can hope it happens much sooner. These were beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest!