Tyson Hugh Hooper

Tyson Hugh Hooper
Our son, Tyson Hugh Hooper, was born with coarctation of the aorta, hypoplastic arch, and a transitional avsd. His first open heart surgery reconstructed his aorta and was on day 9 of life. His second open heart repair was not anticipated to be needed until two or three years of age. Ty had other plans. We spent the vast majority of his first 3 months of life at Vanderbilt as he went into heart failure and was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. As a result, the medical team concluded that he needed the repair much sooner than usually recommended, and at just shy of 3 months old Ty underwent his second life saving open heart surgery. God has already worked so many miracles in Ty's life and the life of our family and we know he is using our story. Because of this, we are grateful for Ty's special heart and feel beyond blessed that God chose us to travel this road. We ask for prayers as Ty continues to heal. We are praying for a full recovery and life without restrictions for Ty. We are praying for God to use our family and Ty for His glory.

Thank you to each and every person who supports us through prayer, giving, or just by loving on our family! We are humbled and blessed by all of the ways the Lord is providing for us and know that he is using Ty and his story to do great things!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights: 19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Size of Baby: About 9 oz... 6 inches from crown to booty!

Total Weight Gain: I lost a pound, lol, I have no idea why or how.  Anyway, total weight gain for my entire pregnancy is 3 pounds... this blows my mind because in less than a week I'll be "officially" 5 months along!  WOW!

Maternity Clothes: bottoms, some tops

Gender: Sweet baby girl!

Movement: She is a WILD GIRL!  We know this from watching the monitor with our jaws on the floor as we watcher her flip and twist and make it VERY hard for the ultrasound tech to get what she needed, lol.  Also, interesting fact, my placenta is on top!  Basically this means that it attached on the side closest to my belly!  The ultrasound tech explained that basically my placenta is acting like a big mattress/buffer between me and the baby so I won't feel her as much as I most likely would from a baby in a future pregnancy.

Sleep: Sometimes like a rock, sometimes really difficult.  Not sleeping flat on my back is a challenge.

Symptoms: Not much, I pretty much feel like myself... except for my tiny baby bump, occasional heart burn, and a flutter every now and then! lol

What I Miss: wine.... boy do I miss my wine!

Cravings: Water, Caffeine Free Tea, Lemonade... I'm just thirsty all the time!

Best Moment This Week: Our ultrasound!!  It was amazing and wonderful!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Holding our sweet baby girl!

Now, some of you know this already, but for those of you who don't.... we were more prepared for boy than girl and we are at a total loss for names!  We want something unique, but not weird.  We like last names for first names and are now open for suggestions!  ;-)


Lisa said...

Congratulations! I'll think about names and get back to you later. Meanwhile, I'm staying out of the baby section of stores - I have NO resistance when it comes to pink clothes! maybe cause I never got to indulge in them. :-)

Lindsay said...

CONGRATS on a GIRL! How fun....let the shopping begin! :-)

Allyson said...

Hooray for a girl!!!! Congratulations!!!! Lily will love having a little sister! Well since we both have an "H" last name, I can tell you that it is hard coming up with a cute "H" girl name to go with it. Henley Hooper sure is cute! :) (I only say this b/c you said last names for first names and that's what Henley is!)

Ashley said...

A girl!! Yay!!! I'm so shocked, but that is WONDERFUL! Lilly will love her! I can't believe you've only gained 3 lbs. I can't be pregnant friends w/ you anymore. Just kidding. ;)

Sarah said...

happy news! And now I can brag about how active SHE is without spoiling your big secret! As I said before, by accident, SHE must take after her uncle Ken, who I remember as always being on the go! Love you!
Are you wanting an "H" name too? or just a last name for a first name? Malcolm likes Heather. Its always been his favorite girl name. I always liked Grace myself, but that doesnt' fall into either category, except its a girl name.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your precious baby girl!! You are going to be a great mom! Hope to catch up soon!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name! I love the name Harper for a little girl.


Rondda said...

OMG congratulations...you will have a little miss priss!! Last names first...how about Harper! I also have a friend who has a little girl with Hadley. Let's have lunch SOON!! Please! :)

MELDUST said...

Yay for a girl! I'm so excited for you!! What fun you will have shopping! My placenta was on top with Jack - don't worry - you'll feel plenty of movement later on!! :)